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Whole turkey

The turkey is one popular piece of meat and just like the chicken, it is popularly used in recipes during holiday seasons. The Whole chicken consists of all parts of the chicken with an exception of those parts which are not to be consumed which are well cleaned off. The turkey is a tasty and nutritious piece of meat which when added to your dish or recipe, gives it a finger-licking, delicious taste and flavour. It is a natural source of protein. It is also rich in iron, sodium, potassium, phosphorus. It provides the body with Niacin and vitamin B6 which is essentail in energy production in the body. It produces selenium which acts as antioxidant and hormone boosters as well as an amino acid which also helps strengthen the immune system. Trying out the whole turkey is never a bad choice for those who have tried it would testify of its taste and flavour and how rich it is.

Weight / Container : 28 Metric tons
Style : Frozen
Packing : IWP ( Individually Wrapped Pack)
Weight / Piece : Depends on products type.
Boxes Used : White carton / Company Brand / Self Branding

Brand Name: Frango Plus.
Type : Frozen Turkey Meat.
Packaging : 15 Kg Carton.
Origin: Brazil.
Certification: Halal, FDA; HACCP; ISO9001;2008.
Freezing Process: IQF.
PayLoad: 27 MT/ 40′ container.
Specification:  Frozen turkey meat ‘A’ grade. Organic, Griller.
Minimum Order Quantity: 15 Kg Carton ( Custom ).
Delivery Detail: Prompt.
Packaging Detail: Packing/Customer Preferred Labeling is Accepted: Polybag/carton box.

frango Plus turkey meat

Why You Choose Whole turkey?

Our whole turkey comes to you at a very affordable for a top notch and quality meat. Our turkey meat is well processed and clean. Gotten from well treated and naturally grown turkey. Our whole turkey meat on sale have their feathers well and properly removed and come without bruises, spots, decay or blood stains. It is well processed and slaughtered according to international laws so it can be easily consumed by customers and clients from the various parts of the world. Our affiliate partners also run a customized packaging service which allows customers to specify how they would love their whole chicken packed and also where they want it delivered. Our delivery system is efficient and effective. We deliver products to various parts of the world. All products on delivery are transported while frozen so they arrive their delivery destinations fresh and ready for use.

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