Turkey liver

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Turkey liver

Eating the internal organs of an animal can be sometimes seen as absurd to some people because it is found inside the body -of the animal. That is the reason most of these parts are sometimes called offal. The turkey liver is a very tasty piece of meat. One anyone would love and can be added to several and various meals to give it great and better tasty feeling. it contains numerous nutrients your body needs to give you optimum perfomance. It contains protein, sodium, iron and zinc which help in cell formation and maintenance, the boosting of biody metabolism as well as DNA formation. Portein here serves as a bodybuilding agent and helps in the repairs of worn out tissues. The taste and freshness of the turkey liver meat are dependent on the animal it is gotten from and its processing procedures.

Weight / Container : 28 Metric tons
Style : Frozen
Packing : IWP ( Individually Wrapped Pack)
Weight / Piece : Depends on products type.
Boxes Used : White carton / Company Brand / Self Branding

Brand Name: Frango Plus.
Type : Frozen Turkey Meat.
Packaging : 15 Kg Carton.
Origin: Brazil.
Certification: Halal, FDA; HACCP; ISO9001;2008.
Freezing Process: IQF.
PayLoad: 27 MT/ 40′ container.
Specification:  Frozen turkey meat ‘A’ grade. Organic, Griller.
Minimum Order Quantity: 15 Kg Carton ( Custom ).
Delivery Detail: Prompt.
Packaging Detail: Packing/Customer Preferred Labeling is Accepted: Polybag/carton box.

frango Plus turkey meat

Why You Choose Turkey liver?

Here at Frangoplus, we pay top attention to making sure that we provide our customers with the best of turkey liver meat gotten from naturally grown and healthy turkey. Well processed and slaughtered in accordance with international laws so it can be consumed by customers from different parts of the globe without having them go against their various beliefs. We provide you with the best of turkey liver at affordable friendly prices with the quality you can always trust. Well frozen and preserved and without the use of any added preservatives. We deliver to different and numerous parts of the globe swiftly and on time without mix-ups. All we need you to do is contact us placing your order specifying how you would love your turkey liver cuts packaged and where you would want them delivered to. All turkey liver cuts to be delivered are always transported while frozen to ensure that they arrive their destination looking fresh and remain tasty.

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