Turkey gizzard

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Turkey gizzard

The gizzard is one of those consumable parts of the turkey which is found inside the body of the turkey. It is an internal organ but is also good for food, tasty and also nutritious. The gizzard of the turkey is found -in the digestive tract of the animal and serves as the stomach. The gizzard grinds up the food consumed by the turkey. It is considered as a delicacy in certain cultures and it provides a healthy amount of vitamins and minerals to the body. It provides protein, zinc, iron, vitamin B12 to the body. It is a tasty meat and can be served in a bowl of stew or soup or any meal of your choice.

Weight / Container : 28 Metric tons
Style : Frozen
Packing : IWP ( Individually Wrapped Pack)
Weight / Piece : Depends on products type.
Boxes Used : White carton / Company Brand / Self Branding

Brand Name: Frango Plus.
Type : Frozen Turkey Meat.
Packaging : 15 Kg Carton.
Origin: Brazil.
Certification: Halal, FDA; HACCP; ISO9001;2008.
Freezing Process: IQF.
PayLoad: 27 MT/ 40′ container.
Specification:  Frozen turkey meat ‘A’ grade. Organic, Griller.
Minimum Order Quantity: 15 Kg Carton ( Custom ).
Delivery Detail: Prompt.
Packaging Detail: Packing/Customer Preferred Labeling is Accepted: Polybag/carton box.

frango Plus turkey meat

Why You Choose Turkey gizzard?

At Frangoplus, you can be assured of getting the best of turkey gizzard. We sell affordable turkey gizzard meat, a nice friendly price for the quality and healthy product. We get the gizzard from healthy and naturally grown turkey. Our meat products with the inclusion of the gizzard are well processed and dressed. Because the gizzard is responsible for the grinding of food consumed by the turkey it might have some dirt in it and as a result, we subdue it to thorough cleaning, tests and inspections to make sure it is dirt and bacteria free. We also endeavour to store it in our well equipped cold storage facility so it remains fresh and tasty for a longer period. We run an efficient delivery system which delivers all your meat products with the inclusion of the turkey gizzard directly to your doorstep in due time. Our packaging of products begins when an order is placed as we operate a customized packaging system which allows customers to specify how they would love their turkey gizzard packed.

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