Chicken liver

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Chicken Meat

Chicken liver

This is one essential organ found in the abdominal pit of the chicken. It is the most common type of liver eaten around and most people from different parts of the world love it for its taste as much as its important and nutrients also. It helps the body with fertility issues; helps maintain the body’s high energy levels, mental health, development and growth among a whole lot of other things. Despite their tender look which may make people disregard their nutritious values, they are actually very good for consumption and we offer you just the very best of it, clean and well dressed.

Weight / Container : 28 Metric tons
Style : Frozen
Packing : IWP ( Individually Wrapped Pack)
Weight / Piece : Depends on products type.
Boxes Used : White carton / Company Brand / Self Branding

Brand Name: Frango Plus.
Type : Frozen Chicken Meat.
Packaging : 15 Kg Carton.
Origin: Brazil.
Certification: Halal, FDA; HACCP; ISO9001;2008.
Freezing Process: IQF.
PayLoad: 27 MT/ 40′ container.
Specification:  Frozen meat ‘A’ grade. Organic, Griller.
Minimum Order Quantity: 15 Kg Carton ( Custom ).
Delivery Detail: Prompt.
Packaging Detail: Packing/Customer Preferred Labeling is Accepted: Polybag/carton box.

frango Plus Chicken Meat

Why you would benefit from the chicken liver

  1. Vitamin B12 Provider:

The chicken liver is well loaded with vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is essential to the body as it helps to improve the function of the cells and also helps in the formation of the red blood cells. Symptoms like fatigue, muscle weakness, memory fog, and some others are all signs showing that one lacks enough vitamin B12 and consumption of the chicken liver helps in preventing that.

  1. Source of Vitamin A:

The chicken liver is a very high concentrated source of Vitamin A. The vitamin A in the body helps reduce inflammation because of its fat-solubility properties and because it acts as an antioxidant. Vitamin A is necessary for the eye and for great vision as well as skin health, strengthening of bones and the facilitation of the cells.

  1. High Iron concentration:

For those suffering from anemia due to iron deficiency, steady intake of the chicken liver can help you with that. It contains essential minerals like the biotin, Vitamin B6 and folic acids which help in the treatment of anemia. They help in treating fatigue, low energy level, and others.

Purchasing our chicken liver assures you of getting these due to the quality we offer and the freshness of the liver. It is well cleaned, packed and all done according to the necessary health requirement and anti-contamination policies.

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