Chicken leg quarter

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Chicken Meat

Chicken leg quarter

These chicken leg quarters are also known as a thigh-drumstick piece because they consist of both the thigh and the drumstick hence its huge size. It is great to note that these cuts have no added preservatives but are only preserved by the chill temperature of our cold store which keeps it looking fresh and also tasty when cooked.

Weight / Container : 28 Metric tons
Style : Frozen
Packing : IWP ( Individually Wrapped Pack)
Weight / Piece : Depends on products type.
Boxes Used : White carton / Company Brand / Self Branding

Brand Name: Frango Plus.
Type : Frozen Chicken Meat.
Packaging : 15 Kg Carton.
Origin: Brazil.
Certification: Halal, FDA; HACCP; ISO9001;2008.
Freezing Process: IQF.
PayLoad: 27 MT/ 40′ container.
Specification:  Frozen meat ‘A’ grade. Organic, Griller.
Minimum Order Quantity: 15 Kg Carton ( Custom ).
Delivery Detail: Prompt.
Packaging Detail: Packing/Customer Preferred Labeling is Accepted: Polybag/carton box.

frango Plus Chicken Meat

How it is processed

Making of these cuts follows a strict process whereby to get the supposed cut of leg quarters, first the chicken has to meet the necessary requirements from the company’s checklist which is a comprehensive one. Once checked and it reaches the expected requirements, then the processing begins. The process is mainly machine oriented as we try to reduce human contact with the meat. After the cutting process is done, the meat is then washed so as to remove any blood, stain, smell and unwanted bodies from the meat. After our washing process, we then do some skinning and cutting on the meat because we know not everyone loves their chicken with the skin. During this skinning, we try as much as possible not to bruise the meat which makes us ensure we maintain the highly graded quality chicken we produce. We try to ensure that our meet can be consumed by people of various beliefs and as such we ensure that there is no trace of blood left on the meat. To preserve our meat, we freeze them to ensure that they still look fresh for longer as we do not make use of preservatives. The use of the freezing method helps the chicken stay fresh for a long them and even still fresh when it arrives at your doorstep. We package our frozen leg quarters in a carton box or 10kg polythene. Our efficient delivery system ensures that we deliver your leg quarters right at your doorstep. All you need do is place your order and we package your meat and deliver to you right on time.
frango Plus Chicken Meat

Why do you need to choose our Leg Quarters?

There are several reasons why you need to check out our frozen leg quarters. First, it is clean, without blood or bruise and good no food no matter your belief. Secondly, it comes in two different types, with and without the skin depending on the one you might prefer. Our chicken leg quarters are nicely dressed and also have no smell. They are kept frozen and help them stay fresh for longer. We have the concept of customized delivery whereby our customer has the right to specify how he wants his leg quarters to be packed and delivered.

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