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Frangoplus brings to you the best quality Beef Meat products from exporters across India to be successfully delivered at your destination.

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We offer you the best and quality beef produced only from the best and largest exporters in the beef market. Our beef produce meets the global standard as well as our healthy, hygienic environment conditions. We offer parts from flank boneless to the knuckle, Rump tail, cheeks, lean muscle etc.


We are the most reliable exporters of a high, top-quality range of healthy and well preserved frozen lamb meat. We deal in the exportation of the raw products of these meats in a high commodity. These frozen meats are gotten from naturally grown lamb which is processed hygienically and also in a healthy environment and cut into various portions. We offer various raw lamb parts like the Hindquarter, saddle, legs, carcass, forequarter, loin chops etc. We connect clients at the best affordable and economical prices.


Keeping in mind the expectations of our clients and numerous demands, we are dedicated to giving the best well preserved frozen chicken to our consumers. We offer different parts of raw chicken which are ready for processing or cooking and have also been hygienically kept and are healthy as well as look fresh. Our raw chicken parts include drumsticks, wing, gizzard, carcass, leg quarters etc. well packed and ready for use.


No matter the season or the celebration, our turkey meat is the best fit for you. Well packaged and neatly cut into various raw parts, these turkey meats are ready for cooking or processing and are also healthy. They are at affordable prices and are known to be nutritious because they are low in fat and high in protein. We offer you different turkey parts like the fillet, tip wing, whole turkey, breast butterfly, neck gizzard and a lot more. They are well packed and preserved to international standard and ready to be exported to your destination at any time.


At Frangoplus, you are sure of getting your well-deboned meat for your easy processing and cooking. We use the best separations mechanisms to ensure that your meat is bone-free, clean, well dressed and healthy for processing orconsumption. We have the separated chicken and turkey meat available for you coming in different types and sizes from the 1MM, 2MM and the 3MM red meat. We export them in large quantities and at very competitive prices.

Frozen French Frie

Frozen French fries for your easy consumption, preserved in the healthiest of ways in a very hygienic environment is what we offer. Our French fries are nutritious and tasty as well and also affordable. As the best and outstanding in the market, the best is just what we offer you. We have available for you, fries of different types like the breaded onion rings, potato cubes, potato slices, spicy wedges etc.