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Frangoplus brings to you the best quality Beef Meat products from exporters across India to be successfully delivered at your destination.

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About FrangoPlus

Frangoplus is Brazil’s biggest marketer and online trader of meat. With thousands of supplies made daily to various parts of the world, Frangoplus stands out as a prominent and outstanding partner in the market globally as regards the exportation of meat to various parts of the globe. We are unarguable the best and provide you with the quickest ways to get your meat from the best of producers and manufacturers. We offer well dressed and clean meats, without blood, bruise, as well as bone free MDMs. The animals are tested by well trained and experienced microbiologist and inspected by the same level of veterinary doctors who approve their health and ensure that they are up to the international standard before they are being slaughtered, processed and packaged according to the customer’s orders. We give you fresh and well-preserved meat for your use. We don't just leave our customers after the transaction has been completed but we have a follow-up process which enables us to assist you in any way possible thereby building a strong relationship and bond with our clients.

We strive to be the best at all times and always have an honest and candid relationship with our clients. Giving you what you deserve which is great product and services.


We always strive to be honest, truthful and deal diligently and also know when and how to help our clients be at the top of their game.


We try to always be open and receptive, approachable as well as prepared to take on whatever challenge we come in contact with.


We try to be simple, direct, focus only on the important and needful things and avoid being bureaucrats.


Deliver results at the expected time, be punctual and free of excuses of any sort, focus on details and take responsibilities for actions.

We aim at getting our country to the top of the international trade as well as giving to the billions of meat lovers in the world, a healthy meat to ensure a longer lifespan. We choose to work with just the best of manufacturers to this regard and help them export their products to the world.
We don’t just call them clients but partners and friends as they make us who we are and we them and as such, we share in their pride and joy and also in their losses. We aim at not just doing business for the meantime but for a long time and if possible be partners for life.

Our team is made up of certified, highly trained and experienced staff that is committed and diligent in their services and supportive of our aims and our goals of getting us to be the best and also giving our customers the best.

Our assortment is made up of a collection of frozen meats gotten from our domestically and naturally grown animals, well cut and processed just for your use and consumption.

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We serve as sales agents to South America’s best producers and exporters of beef, lamb, chicken, MDM and frozen fries whose products are exported to various parts of the globe ranging from Asia to Africa, Europe as well as the Caribbean, North America, and even the middle east. We deal with commodity-driven products.